Our Story


Forge Faith is a brand for those who love Jesus and want to share their faith with others in an unobtrusive way. Our inspiration comes from God’s beautiful creation, the Bible, friends and church. Each piece we design is intended to evoke a response in others and invite engagement. Forge Faith is for those who who seek new ways to tell others about the Good News of Jesus that fits their current situation in life.

Started by David Avalos, Forge Faith. was born out of a love for people to help them find their way to the free gift Jesus offers.

I have been volunteering in prison ministry and I am always looking for ways to get a point across to someone that feels like there is no hope. After giving it some thought i decided making a tee shirt with inspirational sayings for those moments we walk around in desperation or just feel trapped in life situations. I hope you find our shirts appealing to wear for any occasion. Maybe you know someone that could use one. 



We are a faith based company based in the great state of Texas. Our clothing is not available in stores